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Your Testimonial

I would really aprreciate if you could leave a tesimonial for the Advanced Self-Worth Course using the form below (or just email me if this is easier). 

Please be advised that your testimonial may be displayed on future sales materials for the course to help other people decide whether the Advanced Self-Worth Course is right for them.

Please feel free to write whatever you want here (and you don't have to add a photo if you aren't comfortable with it). 

Other people may be particlularly interested to know what you were struggling with before the course, what your big a-ha moment was during the course and what results  and changes you saw in your self-worth and yourself because of taking part in the course. It could also be helpful to mention why you recommend the course (only if you do of course).

Thank you so very much!

What was your experience with the Advanced Self-Worth Course?