Terms and Conditions

Energy healing can be thought of as a spiritual process that helps your body to restore, strengthen and reactivate its self-healing abilities.

We do not provide medical diagnoses, prescriptions, therapies or treatments and point out that we do not have any specific medical knowledge or capabilities. The bioenergetic treatment cannot and must not replace medical treatment. We consider cooperation with academic medicine as extremely important, which is why ongoing medical treatment should not be stopped or interrupted and necessary medical treatment should not be postponed or omitted. 

Information that you voluntarily disclose describing your health complaints, including any comments you make yourself in response to treatment or any comments advised by healers, are kept strictly

confidential. The information recorded will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation without your express permission. You may ask to see your records at any time. No copies are made.


We cannot promise healing. You are free to decide whether you attend, interrupt or repeat an energetic treatment session. Payment is refundable in full if session is cancelled 24 hours in advance. Small handling fees may apply. 


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You understand that Bernadette Sewell cannot be held liable for any problems that might arise that you think could be attributed to the energy healing session.

You are over the age of 18 (if under the age of 18, parent consent will be necessary)

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