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Discover the formula for a happy life. Our uplifting online courses will help you to heal your self-worth, eradicate anxiety, restore emotional balance and practice self-love. Using the powerful mix of science and energy healing you already know from

Free Healthy Self-Worth Starter Kit

Stop feeling worthless and discover your true, unlimited worth with this eye-opening FREE 7-day email course, an uplifting guided mediation and the Instant Self-Worth workbook.

Advanced Self-Worth Course - COMING SOON

You know that your ARE worth. At least theoretically. But where do you go from here? Discover how to move from theory to practice to truly feel your inherent worth in your heart and believe it in your soul.

Free 12-Day Self-Care Challenge

Discover how to get me-time and use daily emotional hygiene to reduce stress and anxiety, boost self-love and positivity and attract abundance.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I'm Dr Berni Sewell. I am both a health scientist and energy healer. Until about 10 years ago, I suffered from severe anxiety (including toilet and social anxiety), low confidence and self-doubt. All because I believed I was inherently worthless and not good enough to ever earn or gain worth. Everything changed when I discovered the truth about my worth. I am anxiety-free now. I believe in myself and know my worth. And I want to help you to overcome your struggles too. Because you ARE worth. You just may not know it yet...

Why They Recommend Happy Life Formula Courses

I am not great at tooting my own horn. Or telling you how wonderful my stuff is. I'd rather spend my time creating new blog posts, resources and courses to help you become aware of your true, infinite worth. So, I let others do the talking instead...

Michelle Liang


I recommend Berni's courses because she is a great instructor. She is very relatable and kind. And a wonderful example of someone who used the tools she teaches to transform her life.

Mike Mather


I am a huge fan of Berni Sewell.  Every day I remember her teachings through my mantras, and as often as I can I read her insightful blog. Her wisdom has helped me shake my negative self-image and build my confidence.

Maureen Green


I love it when I open my emails and find new insights from Berni.  Her shared topics are always filled with truths and positive actions which guide the reader into self-reflected  healing and increased self-love.

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